J O'Brien 4058ZL Red Zipper Closure Badge Holder (Horizontal)

Our 4058ZL Red Zipper Closure Badge Holder (Horizontal) protect ID or access card from moisture and dirt as well as ensures contents stay inside. These badge holders are made of a thick, yet softer, more flexible 0.020" vinyl that allows it to carry thicker cards or multiple cards without the risk of splitting.

  • Soft, flexible vinyl
  • Government size (holds multiple cards)
  • Red zip lock closure
  • Wear with any chain, lanyard or strap clip
  • Made in the USA

The zipper closure badge holders are also excellent for government sized proximity cards. We recommend using a laminated ID card with the 4058ZL.

Has part of your ID Card Image Transferred To Your Badge Holder?

If this has happened to your ID card it's called 'Dye Migration". This unwanted reaction occurs when a non-laminated printed ID card is placed into a badge holder then exposed to heat and air pressure. If laminated ID cards are not an available option, use an anti-print transfer badge holder. We recommend the 4058ZLJ

Contact a J. O'Brien sales representative for additional information (877) 379-8844.

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