J O'Brien 4063ZL Clear Zipper Closure Badge Holder (Vertical)

Our 4063ZL Clear Zipper Closure Badge Holders protect ID or access card from moisture and dirt as well as ensures contents stay inside. These badge holders are made of a thick, yet softer, more flexible 0.020" vinyl that allows it to carry thicker cards or multiple cards without the risk of splitting.

  • Soft, flexible vinyl
  • Government size (holds multiple cards)
  • Clear zip lock closure
  • Wear with any chain, lanyard or strap clip
  • Made in America

The zipper closure badge holders are also excellent for government card sized proximity cards.

Proudly Made in America

Made in America

The Made in America mark is a country of origin label indicating the product is "all or virtually all" made in the United States. The label is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

J. O'Brien's Pledge

J. O'Brien Company pledges to offer American made products and to look for labels and tags that proudly state: Made in America, Made in the USA, and Assembled in America. We make this pledge because we believe in strengthening American workers, American companies and the American economy.

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