J O'Brien 10870 SkimSAFE RFID Shielded Badge Holder (Dual Card)

The 10870 SkimSAFE is a FIPS-201 Approved 'Electromagnetically Opaque Sleeve' badge holder featuring a dual-sided open frame design that can be manufactured in many colors to fit your project needs.

  • FIPS-201 Approved
  • SkimSAFE dual-sided electromagnetically opaque sleeve
  • Accommodates two CR80 cards

Two Smart Cards slide in on opposite sides and securely lock in place for wearing in blocked mode. The user slides either card slightly downward to transmit the card's encoded data. Accommodates two CR80 cards (3 3/8 in. W x 2 1/8 in. H)  SkimSAFE attaches to any lanyard, clip or badge reel.

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