J O'Brien 7941 Metal Case Badge Reel (Slide Clip & Lobster Claw)

Our 7941 metal case badge reels are ideal for carrying multiple ID badges or access cards as well as a key or two without progressive 'drooping' over time.

With a tough 1mm thick nylon cord, you get a sturdy metal slide clip on the back, a lobster claw on top, and an all-chrome case.  The nylon cord is 30 inches long, and the case diameter is 1 9/16 inches.

  • When Durability is Needed
  • For use with multiple cards or heavy keys
  • Add custom logo with 1 3/8 inch Dome or Decal
  • 30 inch Retractable Nylon Cord
  • Slide Clip attaches to pocket, belt or purse
  • Clear Vinyl Strap Clip holds ID badge or access card

Custom Imprinting Available (Additional Fee Applies)

Display your logo or message on our Badge Reels. Badge Reels are a great way to display your ID badge, promote an event, or manage security. Contact a J. O'Brien sales representative for additional information (877) 379-8844.

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