J O'Brien 40532 Vinyl Tubular Non-Breakaway Neck Strap (30 inch)

Clear neck tube 40532 made of soft 1/8 inch vinyl tubing. Hangs in a smooth twist-free loop. 30 inches in length with Non-Breakaway feature.

  • Clear Vinyl Neck Lanyard
  • 30 inch Lanyard Length
  • Non-Breakaway

Plastic beaded chain lanyards are an affordable option for event management or short-term use. Easily attach ID badge, event pass, access card, or name tag.

This product may also be known as JAM part number Clear NT-36 

Custom Imprinting Available (Additional Fee Applies)

Display your logo or message on our Badge Reels. Badge Reels are a great way to display your ID badge, promote an event, or manage security. Contact a J. O'Brien sales representative for additional information (877) 379-8844.

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