Nevertwist Round Badge Reel (Double Strap)

Our 7852 Nevertwist Round Badge Reel Double Strap is perfect for multiple access cards or ID badges. Dual attachment for extra cards, keys, or ID badges. Now you can attach 2 cards, or an ID card and keys to one dual-pull badge reel. 30' retractable cord with slide clip back.

  • Large Strap Attachment with snap for Belt or Purse
  • Add custom logo with 1 inch Dome or Decal
  • 30 inch Retractable Nylon Cord
  • Swivel Strap Clip attaches to belt loop or purse
  • Clear Vinyl Strap Clip holds ID badge or access card

Custom Imprinting Available (Additional Fee Applies)

Display your logo or message on our Badge Reels. Badge Reels are a great way to display your ID badge, promote an event, or manage security. Contact a J. O'Brien sales representative for additional information (877) 379-8844.

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