Datacard 535000-005 Monochrome Ribbon (KT) CD800/CE840/CP Series, 1000 Images

The Datacard 535000-005 monochrome resin ribbon 1000 images per roll, (KT) consist of a (K) panels typically used for printing in monochrome (barcodes, text, serial numbers, bold black graphics, etc.) to PVC/Composite ID card stock. The (T) panel is a thin, clear protective overlay that is applied to the entire surface of the card which prevents scratching and fading.

Printer Ribbon Compatibility

The Datacard 535000-005 is currently Compatible with the following Datacard ID card printers: Datacard CD800|Datacard CP40|Datacard CP40+|Datacard CP60|Datacard CP60+|Datacard CP80|Datacard CP80+|Datacard CE840

JOB Guarantee

J. O’Brien guarantees that this product is branded and certified by Datacard to work in accordance with its given compatibility. J. O’Brien never sells used or third-party replicated products. Those items are not guaranteed by the manufacturer and can cause harm to the machine; voiding the warranty. We stand by our promise to always provide the best and most trusted product for your needs.

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