Datacard 503854-101 Clear 1.0 mil DuraGard Laminate with Mag Stripe extends the life of personalized cards and ID documents, reducing the need for reissuance and lowering overall costs.

  • 300 prints per roll
  • 1.0 mil Thickness
  • ISO Mag Stripe
  • Designed for CP80, CP80 Plus, SP75 and SP75 Plus Datacard card printers

Genuine Datacard Laminates

Laminates offer the strongest defense against abrasion and chemical attack. Datacard's unique formulation provides optimal moisture-resistance and tamper evidence, with an innovative design that provides the largest area of protection.

Datacard® Certified Supplies are available for all card personalization and secure ID applications and are backed by a 100% guarantee. Only Datacard Certified Supplies are specifically designed and engineered to work with Datacard systems. These superior, system-matched supplies deliver unmatched quality and value, consistent performance and continuous innovation.

ID Card Printer Maintenance

Contact our Printer Technical Services Team for information regarding printer driver and firmware updates (877) 379-8844. We offer FREE 15min Do-it-Yourself (DIY) guidance, a flat rate per hour, or monthly fee for technical phone support. Our technicians are available for on-site technical support or security staff training. 10% OFF first order; use promo code: REPAIR10

Datacard 503854-101 DuraGard Laminate (1.0 mil)
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