Fargo 82133 Cleaning Kit Iso-Propyl Alcohol Cleaning Cards (10 pack)

The Fargo 82133 ID card printer cleaning supply pack is used to keep your Fargo printer running in like new condition

Printer Compatibility

Currently compatible with the following ID card printers: Fargo C50,Fargo DTC1000,Fargo DTC1000Me,Fargo DTC1250e,Fargo DTC1500,Fargo DTC4000,Fargo DTC400e,Fargo DTC4250e,Fargo DTC500,Fargo HDP5000,Fargo HDP600,Fargo HDP6600

Genuine Supplies Guarantee

J. O’Brien guarantees that this product is branded and certified by Fargo to work in accordance with its given compatibility. J. O’Brien never sells used or third-party replicated products. Those items are not guaranteed by the manufacturer and can cause harm to the machine; voiding the warranty. We stand by our promise to always provide the best and most trusted product for your needs.

10 Alcohol Cleaning Cards

The Fargo 82133 ID card printer cleaning supply pack includes 10 cleaning cards, which are used to remove dust and debris from your printer's card and transport rollers to help avoid damage to your printhead and help ensure the quality of your printed cards. The isopropanol cleaning cards can simply be ran through your printer to clean the rollers.

Made in USA

This product is proudly made in the USA!

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