Fargo 84043 Color Ribbon (Transfer Film)

Generic Holographic Full Card Patch Overlaminate

The Fargo 84043 , holographic full card “(hologram design)” overlaminate 300 images per roll, adds protection to a PVC/composite card in the form of a (thickness)mil thick patch material. “(hologram design)” holographic laminates used in conjunction with Fargo ID card laminating printers, severally increases the durability, longevity, and security of a printed card by adding a layer of protection against everyday wear and tear and forgery. overlaminates that include holograms create an ID card that is difficult to forge, yet easy to verify.

Printer Ribbon Compatibility

The Fargo 84043 is currently Compatible with the following Fargo ID card printers: Fargo HDP600 | Fargo HDP710 | Fargo HDP720 | Fargo HDP820 | Fargo HDP825

Genuine Supplies Guarantee

J. O’Brien guarantees that this product is branded and certified by Fargo to work in accordance with its given compatibility. J. O’Brien never sells used or third-party replicated products. Those items are not guaranteed by the manufacturer and can cause harm to the machine; voiding the warranty. We stand by our promise to always provide the best and most trusted product for your needs.

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