Fargo 45702 ECO Standard Ribbon (Black) consists of a black resin panel (K), typically used for printing text and barcodes on access cards or ID badges.

  • 3000 prints per roll
  • Designed for DTC5500LMX Fargo card printers

Fargo 45702 ECO Standard Ribbon (Black) are used for printing on either side or both sides of access cards or ID badges using text and one-color line art.

NOTE: Black resin is needed to print readable barcodes on access cards and ID badges. Fargo 45701 ECO Premium resin ribbons are highly recommended for bold easy-to-read bar codes. HID Global warranties are VOID, where not prohibited by law, when non-Genuine HID materials are used with your Fargo card printer.

HID Fargo Secure Ribbons

Fargo card printers require genuine Fargo secure ribbons that utilize RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to function properly. All Fargo ribbons are engineered to produce superior print quality, higher reliability and greater security when issuing access cards or ID badges.

ID Card Printer Maintenance

Contact our Printer Technical Services Team for information regarding printer driver and firmware updates (877) 379-8844. We offer FREE 15min Do-it-Yourself (DIY) guidance, a flat rate per hour, or monthly fee for technical phone support. Our technicians are available for on-site technical support or security staff training. 10% OFF first order; use promo code: REPAIR10

Fargo 45702 Monochrome Ribbon 3000 Images (Standard Black)
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