Fargo 81759 UltraCard Blank CR79 10 mil PVC Adhesive Paper Backed Cards

Genuine Fargo 81759 UltraCard CR79 Adhesive paper-backed cards (10 mil) with peel-off adhesive backing comes in a pack of 500. Designed for enhanced durability, flexibility and card life with optimal resolution print quality for retransfer printing, lamination, and fluorescent panel ribbon printing applications.

  • PVC White
  • Video graphic quality cards
  • 500 cards (packaged in 5 packs of 100)
  • CR79.010 adhesive paper-backed cards, Card Dimensions - 3.303' x 2.051' (83.9mm x 51mm)

Great for full-color photo IDs and loyalty cards, the Fargo UltraCard line is ideal for a wide range of card identity applications requiring a glossy, photo-quality finish. The durable low cost cards are manufactured to ensure clean, scratch-free cards for high-quality prints and extended printhead life.

NOTE: Card is slightly smaller than CR-80 designed for adhesion to inside edge of proximity cards. The Fargo 81759 UltraCard CR79 pvc cards are not compatible with all card printers.

ID Card Printer Maintenance

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