Magicard M3610-049A UltraSecure Blank CR80 PVC Card w/HiCo Mag Stripe (30 mil)

Genuine Magicard UltraSecure M3610-049A Blank CR80 PVC Card w/HiCo Mag Stripe (30 mil) comes in a pack of 100. Ideal for ID card printing on most direct-to-card printers - print ID badges or access cards in a variety of colors, smart chips and magnetic stripes are easily included.

  • PVC White
  • Video graphic quality cards
  • 100 cards
  • CR80.030 (CR8030) size--30 mil thickness, standard credit card size, 3.370' x 2.125' (86 mm x 54 mm)

Magicard UltraSecure Blank CR80 PVC Card w/HiCo Mag Stripe (30 mil) are a high quality video grade PVC card stock with a special laminate bonded to the card during the manufacturing process to improve dye receptivity and increase card life. Genuine Magicard UltraSecure Cards are optically inspected to give you a clean, scratch-free CR80 card for maximum print quality. Measuring 3.370'' x 2.125'', CR8030 cards are the same size and thickness as a credit card.

NOTE: The Magicard M3610-049A pvc card has been DISCONTINUED. Orders will be accepted until stock runs out.

ID Card Printer Maintenance

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