Magicard M9005-756 Black with Overcoat Dye Film

Magicard M9005-756 ribbons are made to be used with a dual-sided printer, with it's great combination of YMC and two K panels. Of course each part does a different job. The Y stands for yellow, M stands for Magenta and C stands for Cyan, are used to provide the best color combination, and last but not least the K panels are used for the rear side of the Card for better quality and look.

  • Black with Overcoat Dye Film
  • 600 images
  • For use with Magicard Tango+L, Tango2e

Magicard ribbons are made specifically to work with Magicard printers, to provide you with the best and the most trusted quality possible. Not just that but it will also provide you with an unbelievable speed and the highest performance out there. You won't need to worry about replacing your consumables that often, because Magicard consumables last for a very long time. Try it yourself and let us know about your experience with Magicard consumables.  

Magicard Card Printer Supplies

Magicard consumables are especially designed, test and approved for Magicard printers to ensure high quality images and text. Genuine Magicard consumables offer the best performance and extended lifespan of your card printer. Magicard card printers require specialized Magicard ribbon to function properly. To maximuize printed card quality and printer durability, use only genuine Magicard ribbons.

ID Card Printer Maintenance

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