TeamNisca PR5500K574KIT Adhesive Cleaning Cards

Proper ID card printer maintenance is essential to prolonged printer life and optimal performance. The TeamNisca PR5500K574KIT Low-Tack Adhesive Cleaning Cards is for use with TeamNisca ID card printers and rollers.

  • 1,250 prints
  • Includes 5 Low-Tack Adhesive Cleaning Cards
  • Designed for use with PR-C101 and PR-C201 TeamNisca ID card printers

Cards carry dust and other tiny debris with them through the printer's internal print path. Dust and debris can potentially degrade your image quality and damage your printhead or other critical parts of your card printer. Routine cleanings with PR5500K574KIT cleaning kit will help ensure optimal prints and increased longevity of your Nisca ID card printer.

Nisca PR5500K574KIT Adhesive Cleaning Cards cleans dust and other tiny particles from the cards to help avoid damage to the printhead or other critical parts of your TeamNisca ID card printer. These tiny particles also affect the quality of your printed card images. Cleaning rollers typically have a shelf life of up to one year, unless stored improperly. Cleaning supplies that are not stored properly, and more than one year old, will not clean properly and will likely end up costing more in maintenance and more money in reprinting cards.

ID Card Printer Maintenance

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