Zebra 105912G-912 Cleaning Kit

One of the simplest things you can do to keep your card printer running at its optimal capacity is to clean it after each ribbon change, using the Zebra 105912G-912 cleaning kit. The printhead or other critical parts of an ID card printer can be damaged by dust, debris and other tiny particles that PVC cards carry with them. These tiny particles also affect the quality of your printed card images.

  • 4 print engine cards
  • 4 card feeder cards
  • Designed for P110i, P110m & P120i Zebra card printers
  • Legacy Item

Routine cleanings with the 105912G-912 Zebra cleaning kit will help ensure optimal prints and increased longevity of your Zebra ID card printer. The Zebra 105912G-912 cleaning kit for use with Zebra P110i, P110m and P120i card printers. Former product number: 105912-912

NOTE: The Zebra P110i, P110m & P120i card printers have been DISCONTINUED. The Zebra 105912G-912 cleaning kit is a legacy item, orders will be accepted until stock runs out.

Choose Only Genuine Zebra Supplies

With Genuine Zebra Supplies, you’ll minimize wear and tear on your printhead, reducing maintenance costs while prolonging the life of your card printer and maximizing it's Trade-In value.

ID Card Printer Maintenance

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