Fargo 50120 DTC1250e Dual Sided (Ethernet/USB)

Designed for small-to-medium businesses, the Fargo 50120 DTC1250e provides maximum efficiency in a sleek, user-friendly design. The Fargo DTC1250e ID card printer and encoder is the fastest printer in its class, and Its small, compact footprint makes it easy to use in a variety of office environments.

Direct to Card Printing Technology

This ID card printer utilizes “direct-to-card” printing technology, which diffuses ink (in the form of a ribbon) directly to a blank PVC or Composite card material. The technology is literally named to describe the one step process in which the print head heats up then comes in direct contact with the ribbon and blank card substrate Direct to card printers and their simple printing process improve efficiency, and are ideal for high volume printing requirements. Card printing that utilizes direct contact with a fixed printhead results in “edge to edge” printing, which leaves a small unprinted border around the perimeter of the card.

300 dpi

This ID card printer prints with a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) or 11.8 dpm (dots per millimeter).

Dual Sided ID Card Printing

With a dual sided printing module, This ID card printer can automatically print on both sides of a PVC or Composite card.

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