Fargo 89620 HDP5000 Single Sided/Single Sided Laminator
The Fargo Single Sided ID Card Printer Single Sided Lamination 89620 has a superior print quality, higher reliability and durability, greater security – your photo ID cards will have all these qualities when you print and encode them with the affordable and versatile HDP5000 ID card printer and encoder.
  • Reverse transfer technology for unmatched, over-the-edge print quality
  • Industry-leading 3-year warranty on the printer and lifetime warranty on printhead
  • Versatile modular design with unique field-upgradeable features.
  • High reliability and durability for a lower total cost of ownership

Fargo HDP printers use retransfer technology. Retransfer (also known as “reverse transfer”) is a card printing method that produces rich, vibrant, saturated color on cards. 

  • Reverse Transfer Card Printing
  • Single Sided Printer
  • Single Sided Lamination
  • FIPS-201 Certified
  • 3 Year Warranty

Direct-to-card printers print images directly onto the surface of the card which can affect image quality and even cause printhead damage if you are using cards that have smart chips or embedded antennas and circuits. In contrast, retransfer printers print images on retransfer film that is then fused to your card via heat and pressure, producing flawless printing on any surface.

HDP retransfer film provides an additional benefit of adding durability and protection to your cards. It acts as a buffer from everyday wear and tear. Plus it's highly tamper-evident; if a counterfeiter attempts to peel apart the layers, the image will be destroyed.

With the HID Fargo HDP5000, you can print in high definition and encode multifunction access cards and ID badges for a variety of applications including: FIPS-201 certified Government ID cards, Corporate access cards and ID badges and Student photo identification.

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