Datacard 1-2-3 Easy ID Card System (Magnetic Stripe)

Take the guesswork out of knowing who belongs in your organization—and who does not—with the new Datacard® 1-2-3 Easy ID 546513-001 card system. 

  • Datacard SP25 Plus Single Sided Printer
  • ID Works Intro v6.5 ID Software
  • Web Camera Media Starter Kit (1 YMCKT color ribbon, 125 blank cards)
  • IAT Magnetic Stripe
  • Cleaning Sleeve and Cleaning Card

A completely integrated ID card system conveniently packaged all in one box, 1-2-3 Easy ID system makes it cost-effective for you to issue ID cards in three easy steps:

  • Design Card
  • Take Picture
  • Click Print

This affordable system offers everything needed to create and print photo identification cards or badges, all in one box. Harnessing the reliability and flexibility of the Datacard® SP25 Plus photo ID card printer with the easy-to use Datacard® ID Works® Intro v6.5 identification software, web camera, and one supply kit (including cards, ribbon, and cleaning supplies), this system puts the power of additional security into the hands of small businesses or organizations.


System contains SP25 Plus card printer, ID Works Intro v6.5 identification software, web camera, supply kit with YMCKT ribbon, 125 blank cards or blank white cards with magstripe, cleaning sleeve, cleaning card, Installation CD, and Quick Install Guide.


  • Complete system provides everything needed to print photo ID cards:
    • SP25 Plus ID card printer
    • ID Works® Intro v6.5 identification software
    • Datacard® Certified Supplies supply kit (includes cards, ribbon, and cleaning supplies)
    • Installation CD
    • Quick Install Guide

  • Easy to set up taking as little as 20 minutes from start to finish. A single installation disk loads ID Works Intro software, printer driver and camera driver.
  • Easy to use: 
    • Entry-level ID Works Intro software has the right blend of features and functionality for small businesses and organizations
    • Fixed-focus camera provides no-fuss capturing of photo
    • Intelligent Supplies Technology™ ensures error-free ribbon handling
    • Manual feed printer simplifies card printing

  • Compact design is ideal for desktop environments.
  • Versatile SP25 Plus card printer combines high-quality full color/rewritable card printing.
  • System can be upgraded as needs grow. ID Works Intro software is designed to provide seamless migration to higher-level editions.
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