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ID Card Printer Maintenance

Blank ID badges & access cards carry dust and other tiny debris with them through the printer's internal print path. Dust and debris can potentially degrade your image quality and damage your printhead or other critical parts of your card printer. With routine cleanings; you can expect optimal image quality, a longer life, and better trade-in value for your ID card printer. At J. O'Brien, we have a variety of ID Card Printer Maintenance programs available. Learn more by visiting

Contact our Printer Technical Services Team for information regarding printer driver and firmware updates (877) 379-8844. We offer  FREE 15min Do-it-Yourself (DIY) guidance, a flat rate per hour, or monthly fee for technical phone support. Our technicians are available for on-site technical support or security staff training.

ID Card Printer Warranty

Our card printer repair services offer an easy, cost-effective way to address issues that cannot be resolved through traditional technical phone support. During the warranty period on your desktop printer, standard depot repair is provided for the length of your warranty, in order to address any issues you may encounter.

If your card printing system does require repair, our Printer Service Center can help ensure the most efficient, convenient service with minimal downtime. To begin, a technical phone support specialist will assist you in troubleshooting your issue over the phone. If repair is necessary, we arrange for fast repair and return of your system, and all repairs include a 90-day warranty.

In order to determine whether the repair is covered under your manufacturers warranty or an extended warranty plan, Contact our Printer Technical Service Specialist (877) 379-8844 or visit

ID Card Printer Repair Service

HID Global FARGO Certified Repair Provider

In order to determine whether the repair is covered by HID Fargo, Contact our Printer Technical Service Specialist (877) 379-8844 or visit

Zebra Authorized Service Provider (ZASP)

A Zebra Authorized Service Provider (ZASP) has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to provide quality service and support for all Zebra products. All ZASPs have completed extensive Zebra training and are required to re-certify on an annual basis. Zebra endorses and certifies all ZASPs to provide on-site repair, as well as installation, maintenance contracts, depot repair and technical support.

Last Updated: June 2015

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