J O'Brien 8507 ID Badge Slot Punch Hand Held (No Guide)

Our 8507 ID Badge Slot Punch Hand Held without Guide (without guide) quickly and easily punches slots in your access cards or ID badges. This Simple handheld slot punch creates a 1/2' x 1/8' (13 x 3 mm) hole directly into your photo ID card, which can then be placed on a strap clip, badge holder, or lanyard for display.

  • Hand Held Slot Punch
  • Slot Size 1/2' X 1/8' (13 X 12.5mm)
  • Easy to Use

The equivalent Brady part number for this product is 3943-1000. This product may also be known as JAM part number P-11. The 8507 ID Badge Slot Punch is designed for easy handling and easy use.

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