Dri Cat Neck iT Waterproof iPhone 4/4S Case

Unlike some other waterproof cases, the 11043CP Dri Cat Neck iT Waterproof iPhone 4/4S Case can also be used underwater.

The Dri Cat Neck iT is a 100% waterproof iPhone 4/4S case with lanyard. The Dri Cat unlike other waterproof cases is easy to use and allows your device to be fully functional; simply place your device in the waterproof shell and clamp shut.

  • Touch Sensitivity Underwater
  • Cutout for iPhone's camera
  • Easy to install

The unique silicone shield allows you to take photos, shoot video, make calls or listen to music all while your phone is secured in the protective case. The Dri Cat allows iPhone 4/4S users to venture out with confidence into countless aquatic areas – from oceanside to poolside and beyond. Perfect for boating, fishing, swimming, hot tub, waterpark rides and skiing.

Breakaway lanyards contain a safety feature on the back of the lanyard that releases when pulled. Perfect for schools, colleges, hospitals and factories.

Custom Imprinting Available (Additional Fee Applies)

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