Bayco Night Stick 2400-HOOK Orange Clip-on Hook for 2482 and 2492 Series LED Lights

Bayco NightStick 2400-HOOK

The Bayco Nightstick 2400 Replacement Hook/Prop Stand fits the NSR-2482 & NSR-2492 LED Work Lights. The body of the Hook/Prop Stand snaps into place around the body of the light near the spotlight. The Hook/Prop Stand can rotate around the light 360 degrees.

  • Fits the 2482 & 2492 series 3-in-1 LED task light
  • This is the replacement hook/prop stand for these lights

The hook itself can be used to hang the light for hands-free use. Additionally, when laying the light on its side, the Hook/Prop Stand can "prop" the light up allowing the user to rotate the floodlight to point any direction.

* Limited Lifetime warranty

Product is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the original owner. Includes the housing, lenses, electronics and switches. Rechargeable batteries and chargers are warranted for a period of two years. Normal wear and abuse are excluded.

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