Zebra QuikCard Professional Photo ID Kit (w/Composite Cards)

The 105999-901 Zebra QuikCard™ Professional Photo ID Kit is an all-in-one photo ID system that will help you create professional-quality ID, security and commerce-related cards simply and easily. 

  • Zebra CardStudio Professional edition design software
  • USB high-resolution digital camera
  • 500 Composite ID Cards
  • Quick and easy-to-assemble portable backdrop with adjustable stand

Pair it with any Zebra card printer to meet your specific requirements for an end-to-end solution that provides the assurance of complete component compatibility.

  • Corporate and institutional security ID cards
  • Loyalty, membership and retail cards
  • Student and faculty IDs and library cards

The 105999-901 Zebra QuikCard™ Professional Photo ID Kit includes:

  • Zebra CardStudio™ Professional edition design software, which includes templates for exceptionally easy and fast creation of various types of cards, makes designing, encoding, and printing cards and managing databases fast and efficient.
  • A USB high-resolution digital camera for capturing photo ID pictures
  • A genuine Zebra™ card supplies starter kit (a supply of 700 composite cards)
  • Quick- and easy-to-assemble portable backdrop with adjustable stand

Great for organizations of any size, with needs ranging from entry-level ID badges to enterprise-ready secure payment cards. The Zebra QuikCard Professional Photo ID Kit fulfills ID, security and commerce-related card applications including:

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