Brady TEMPbadge 04301 Non-Expiring Double-Sided CARDBadge (BLANK)

The Brady TEMPBadge 04301 Non-Expiring Double-Sided CARDBadge (Blank) has a unique patented design that lets you print front and back of the badge simultaneously.

  • Badges print from any inkjet or laser printer
  • Sturdy card stock construction eliminates the need for a badge holder
  • Pre-slotted for use with a clip or lanyard
  • Generous amount of space for printing on badge—ideal for meetings, conventions, promotions

Package Price Includes:
501 blank Double-Sided CARDbadges with solid color header

Turn any Adhesive Badge into a Clip-on Badge

Adhesive badges are NOT recommended for application on delicate garment materials such as cashmere, silk, suede, leather, vinyl, and/or corduroy. The 08177 Reusable CARDbackers are a wonderful alternative for visitors with delicate clothing.

Badge Size: Three 4" x 3" CARDbadges on each 8.5" x 11" sheet

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