Brady TEMPbadge K6151-5913 BLANK FRONTpart VISITOR BACKpart (One Day)

The Brady TEMPbadge K6103-5912 TIMEbadge expiring badge kits are a great way to introduce a high level of security for your visitors software. They expire slowly throughout a one day period. As time progresses a multiple of red stripes slowly start to appear on the front part of the badge.

  • Size Frontpart 1 15/16 x 2 13/16" (49 x 71 mm) Backpart 3 x 3" (76 x 76 mm)
  • Expiring "Diagonal Red Strips" appear on the front after approximately 8-12 hours
  • Pkg of 2,000 (1,000 Backparts 1,000 Frontparts)
  • Self-Expiring

To begin the expiration process, attach the back part to the front part. In 8-12 hours the red stripes will be fully displayed on the front of the badge and after 24 hours the process should be completed.

NOTE: This product contains 1,000 BACKparts and 1,000 FRONTpart

Brady Expiring TIMEbadges

Brady TEMPbadge expiring products are made to be used in a controlled environment(indoors). The technology is chemically-based and therefore affected by changes in heat and high humidity. The warmer and/or more humid the environment, the faster the expiration process. The cooler and/or less humid the environment, the slower the expiration process.

CAUTION: Adhesive badges are NOT recommended for application on delicate garment materials such as cashmere, silk, suede, leather, vinyl, and/or corduroy.

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