Brady TEMPbadge 02050 Tab Badge BLANK (One Day)

The Brady Tempbadge 02050 can be used with various Badge Label Printers. The red "VOID" is displayed after approximately 14 - 16 hours rendering the badge useless. The "VOID" tab helps calculate the time spent in the building by the customer.

The TEMPbadge 02050 visitor badges expire slowly throughout a one-day period. As time progresses, multiple red stripes slowly start to appear through the front part of the visitor badge making it VOID.

  • Size 2 5/8 x 4" (67 x 102mm)
  • Expiring "VOID" Tab
  • 5 Rolls of 200 (Qty 1,000)
  • Self-Expiring (1-Day)

To activate the expiration process, attach the TIMEbadge back part to the TIMEbadge front part. In 8-12 hours red stripes gradually appear through the front of the badge slowly revealing a color change. After 24 hours the expiration process should be completed and the badge VOID.

NOTE: This product contains Pkg of 1,000 Badges (5 rolls of 200) (Single piece badge with expiring tab that folds back under badge).

Brady Expiring TIMEbadges

Brady TEMPbadge expiring products are made to be used in a controlled environment(indoors). The technology is chemically-based and therefore affected by changes in heat and high humidity. The warmer and/or more humid the environment, the faster the expiration process. The cooler and/or less humid the environment, the slower the expiration process.

CAUTION: Adhesive badges are NOT recommended for application on delicate garment materials such as cashmere, silk, suede, leather, vinyl, and/or corduroy.

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