Zebra GX420D Direct Thermal Desktop Printer (Wi-Fi and Dispenser)

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Zebra GX420D Direct Thermal Desktop Printer

The Zebra GX420D Direct Thermal Printer delivers the best quality with the fastest speed and the greatest features. It offers a wide range of connectivity options, simple upgrades, and integration with its programming languages and reduced total cost of ownership as Energy Star qualified printer.

Zebra GX420D Badge Label Printer Features

GX42-202711-000 Zebra GX420D standard features include direct thermal print mode, 4" print width, 203 DPI, tear bar, RS-232 auto-sensing serial, Centronics parrallel, USB 1.1, 4MB standard flash, 8MB standard SDRAM, EPL2, ZPL II, USB cable, North America Power cord. Printers are shipped with windows drivers & multi-language user documentation CD Rom.

  • Direct Thermal Print Methods
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity - (802.11 b/g - Replaces Parallel)
  • Dispenser (Peeler) - This will help you print labels one at a time, which could be helpful for shipping labels and other similar uses.
  • LCD Display
  • Tool-less Printhead and Platen Replacement
  • ZPL Programming Language
  • EPL Programmin Language
  • Dual-wall Frame Construction
  • OpenAccess for Easy Media Loading
  • Quick and Easy Ribbon Loading
  • Simplified Calibration of Media
  • Energy Star Qualified

Direct Thermal Printing Method

The Zebra GX420D direct thermal printing doesn't use ribbon, which creates the image directly on the printed material. Direct thermal media is more sensitive to light, heat and abrasion, which reduces the life of the printed material. Direct thermal printing uses chemically treated, heat-sensitive media that blackens when it passes under the thermal printhead. Direct thermal printers have no ink, toner, or ribbon. Their simple design makes thermal printers durable and easy to use. Because there is no ribbon, direct thermal printers cost less to operate than inkjet, laser, impact, and thermal transfer printers. Most mobile printers use direct thermal technology.

Thermal media images may fade over time. If the label is overexposed to heat, light, or other catalysts, the material will darken and make the text or barcode unreadable. For these reasons, direct thermal printing is not used for lifetime identification applications. The readability of direct thermal labels, wristbands, and receipt papers varies greatly, depending on the usage conditions, but the technology provides ample lifespan for many common barcode printing applications including shipping labels, patient and visitor identification, receipts, and ticket printing.

See the GX420D Dispenser Mode in Action

The Zebra GX420D Badge Label Printer Ideal for These Applications

  • Retail - Coupons, receipts, price tags, retail inventory labeling and even prescription labels.
  • Security - Parking labels, tracking labels, workers, staff badges and visitors passes.
  • Healthcare - Patients, visitors, workers, vendors, staff, volunteer and even contractors badges.
  • Travel - Valid pass and drivers identification.

The GX42-202711-000 Zebra GX420D Badge Label Printer is available with direct thermal, combines and intuitive design and optional LCD user interface with versatile connectivity. It supports the widest range of applications and can be integrated into almost any environment so that you can improve efficiency and profitability, save time and reduce operator training.

The Zebra GX420D Badge Label Printer Environment Friendly

To meet changing expectations and growing demands for devices that are mobile, intelligent and connected to the Cloud, Zebra created a new software platform to support its devices: Zebra’s Link-OS environment. This innovative solution makes Zebra printers even easier to integrate, manage and maintain than ever before—from any location.

The Link-OS environment is highly flexible, allowing new and creative ways for users to develop applications that interact with Zebra printers from mobile devices located anywhere in the world. Users can perform updates, gather data, and make smarter business choices from new analytic-driven insights.

Zebra GX420D Global Badge Label Printing Solution

Supports Microsoft Windows keyboard encoding (and ANSI), Unicode UTF-8 and UTF 16 (Unicode Transformation Formats), XML, ASCII (7 and 8 bit used by legacy programs and systems), basic single and double byte font encoding, JIS and Shift-JIS (Japanese International Standards), Hexadecimal encoding, and custom character mapping (DAT table creation, font linking, and character remapping).

A complete suite of free software applications and drivers to configure printer settings, design and print labels and receipts, get printer status, import graphics and fonts, send programming commands, update firmware, and download files. Clone printer settings and send graphics, files, fonts, and firmware (updates) to one or more Zebra® Ethernet and locally connected printers with ZebraNet™ Bridge.

NOTE: Wi-Fi replace parallel port. All configuration options are factory install only.


Zebra GX420D Badge Label Printer Resolution
203 dpi/8 dots per mm
300 dpi/12 dots per mm

Zebra GX420D Memory
Standard 4 MB Flash; 8 MB SDRAM
Optional 64 MB (68 MB total) Flash with real-time clock

Zebra GX420D Badge Label Printer Maximum Print Size
Printer Maximum Print Width: 4.09" (104 mm)
Printer Maximum Print Length: 39.0" (990 mm)

Zebra GX420D Badge Label Printer Speed
6" (152 mm) per second (203 dpi)
4" (102 mm) per second (300 dpi)

Zebra GX420D Printer Media Sensors
Standard Sensor: Fixed transmissive and reflective sensors
Option Sensor: Multi-position transmissive and full-width reflective sensor

Zebra GX420D Communication and Interface Capabilities
RS-232 auto-sensing serial interface, DB-9
USB V1.1, bi-directional
Centronics Parallel
Ethernet - 10/100 internal (optional) offered in combination with USB and Serial interface (replaces Parallel port)
Wireless - 802.11b/g with LCD display offered in combination with USB and Serial interfaces (replaces Parallel port)

Zebra GX420D Badge Label Printer Compatible Software
ZebraDesigner Pro
ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise
ZebraNet utilities v7.0
Zebra Universal Driver
ZebraDesigner Driver
POS Driver

Zebra GX420D Firmware
EPL Line Mode
ZPL ll
Web View

Zebra GX420D Graphic Features
Supports User-defined Fonts and Graphics - Including Custom Logos
ZPL ll Drawing Commands - for Boxes and Lines

NOTE: Wi-Fi replace parallel port. All configuration options are factory install only.

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