EL-ITC-DCM ICI DCM License Reader (Magstripe and 2D barcode)

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HID's EasyLobby EL-ITC-DCM

The Intellicheck Driver’s License Reader supports all US and Canadian driver licenses. Within one (1) second the License Reader reads the encoded information from the magnetic stripe or 2D barcode. In addition, while reading the card, automatically populate the appropriate fields within the EasyLobby SVM visitor form.

NOTE: Only data is captured, not the photo. Customers have complete control over which fields from the license are stored.

About HID's EasyLobby Readers/Scanners

HID's EasyLobby is the oldest visitor management company to come up with an easy way to scan driver's licenses to easily identify and collect information. HID's EasyLobby readers are used to automatically capture Driver's License holder information in no time. Today a large percentage of states prints the Driver's License information, such as Expiration Date, Driver's License number, and of course Address on the magstripe or 2D barcode. That's where EasyLobby reader becomes very useful and handy. The HID's EasyLobby readers use the magstripe or the 2D barcode to collect all the information needed. However, some readers are ONLY made to collect the information without the photo, such as (EL-ITC-DCM), and some other readers are able to capture the photo, such as (EL-AST-ID150, EL-AST-ID150A, EL-AST-COMBO, EL-AST-COMBO, EL-CSS-1000, and EL-CSS-R2)

HID's EasyLobby Scanners' Types

HID's EasyLobby Scanners are made for multiple uses such as scanning a business card, driver's license, or even a passport. There are different kinds of scanners available. 

The first is SnapShell scanner, which is an easy to use scanner which uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read the front of driver’s licenses and capture the person’s data / photo automatically filling the SVM visitor form. The SnapShell has broad international support. 

There is also the ScanShell scanners, which is an easy to use scanner which uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read the front of passports, driver’s licenses, or business cards. Captures the person’s data / photo and automatically filling the SVM visitor form. 

EasyLobby's third kind of scanner is called the CardScan scanner, those scanners use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read the front of a typical business card and automatically populates the relevant fields in the SVM visitor form. The data captured depends on the business card design, colors, graphics and logos etc. 

The fourth kind is The EasyScan Fingerprint Reader reliably scans fingerprints and converts them into an algorithm, which is stored in the SVM software. No actual image of the fingerprint is stored. The ergonomic design of this fingerprint scanner ensures that a high quality image is captured with each scan. The hard, quartz-like sensor surface assures that this fingerprint reader stands the test of time, even in high throughput settings.

The last kind of scanners, is called AssureTec, The AssureTec scanner quickly and accurately captures driver’s license visitor data, including the photo. The scanner simultaneously reads the magnetic stripe or 2D barcode on the license back and optically scans the license front. This scanner extracts all available data fields, as well as the photo to populate the appropriate fields in the visitor record. The AssureTec Driver’s License Scanner has broad international support. The AssureTec scanner provides the same functionality of the scanner, plus it authenticates the validity of the license within seconds.


EasyLobby Reader Type

EasyLobby Reader Collects
Only data, not the photo

EasyLobby Reader Reads off of
Magnetic Stripe or 2D barcode

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