HID EasyLobby EL-K12-SVM Secure Visitor Management Software (K-12)

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EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management (SVM) EL-K12-SVM for K12 schools is designed to be an all-encompassing solution for managing visitors within the K12 school environment. It accommodates schools both small and large and allows the simple screening of visitors and the ability to digitally track who is currently in your facility. The K12 version of EasyLobby is fully-featured and includes all of the functionality and security benefits of the standard EasyLobby application. It is sold at a discounted price for schools.

  • The ability to print permanent bar-coded ID cards for parents and caretakers, to expedite dropping off and picking up students (just scan their barcode!)
  • Badge Volunteers and track their hours automatically
  • Scan existing student ID cards to monitor students allowed to leave school grounds during school hours (for example, high school senior lunch privileges). Contact your salesperson for details on scanning student IDs, programming is required
  • Track students going on a field trip (badge and barcode them using our Mobile solutions)

EasyLobby can drastically speed up your visitor processing procedures. Combined with optional accessories such as a printer, ID card scanner, and barcode scanner, you can completely automate the process and reduce the time spent entering information, screening visitors, and printing ID badges to mere seconds. When visitors are ready to leave, their badges can simply be scanned to check them out. Reducing the time and effort required to track visitors will drastically improve the likelihood that policies are more closely followed and that system administrators will always know which visitors are on the premise.

Customizable data collection
The EasyLobby Visitor Management System allows for the collection of data with over 30 pre-configured fields and 24 user-defined fields. The software can be programmed by the software administrator to customize the visitor grid to display the fields that are desired. This allows you the flexibility to obtain the information that you need while reducing clutter by removing the information that is not required.

One of the major benefits to customizing your fields is the ability to categorize different types of visitors. You can assign different levels of clearance and different badges depending on the type of visitor. For example, substitute teachers can be assigned a teacher badge and volunteers can be provided with a volunteer badge. Different badge types can indicate to staff or security personal where certain visitors are allowed to be on school grounds.

Easily screen visitors
EasyLobby EL-K12-SVM can significantly decrease the risk of restricted persons gaining access by screening all visitors against a variety of watch lists. Watch lists can be configured for a variety of purposes to be used for approving or denying access, restricting access, or to make the software operator aware of certain conditions. This type of flexibility is extremely useful for keeping track of restrictions such as no-contact orders or other unique conditions.

The EasyLobby software also adds the option to add automatic sex-offender screening. This subscription service instantly checks your visitors against the government's registered sex offender database and will notify the operator within seconds if the visitor is on this list. This option is priced at a discount for K12 schools and can be selected on the ''Options'' tab.

Increase safety & security
EasyLobby EL-K12-SVM adds a variety of features to increase safety in your facility. The program includes a panic button on the main user interface. When pressed, a pre-programmed email to a designated person immediately. With EasyLobby, you have the ability to run a variety of reports including a current visitor report. The list can be quickly and easily printed or exported which can be extremely useful to first responders or those doing a head count in the event of a fire or other emergency. Other reports record all visitor check-in and check-out data - including dates and times - for audit purposes.

Increase efficiency with pre-registration
EasyLobby for K12 schools allows visitors to be pre-registered in the system before their arrival. When a visitor is pre-registered, all of their relevant information is added to the system before they arrive. This provides a much speedier check-in process, because information like the location, person being visited, or the reason for the visit is already programmed into the system. This eliminates the need to spend time receiving this information from visitors. Visitor badges can also be pre-printed ahead of time. Each badge can include a unique number and barcode. When pre-printed ahead of time, the barcode can be scanned or visitor number entered to check the visitor in. The same process can be used to check the visitor out when they leave which is especially useful when large groups of visitors are expected.

Virtually eliminate data entry
EasyLobby EL-K12-SVM is compatible with various input devices such as business card and ID card scanners. When partnered with this hardware, the software can automatically fill in relevant information like the visitor's name, business, and address. A number of ID scanners even support the ability to automatically scan in the image of the visitor, reducing the time it takes to check in a visitor to just seconds. EasyLobby systems for K12 schools that include printers, ID card scanners, and printing stock are available on our EasyLobby systems page.

Maintain confidentiality of visitors
Confidentiality is a big concern when working with minors and a topic that most schools do not consider when looking at their visitor process. Most people do not consider that the outdated sign-in sheet or logbook may actually violate confidentiality because every subsequent visitor is able to see the name and other relevant information for every visitor before them. It could potentially open a school to a lawsuit if a sign-in sheet showed confidential information (for example, a sign-in sheet indicating that a social worker was visiting the school to visit a specific student).

Built-in badge design & printing
EasyLobby has a simple and intuitive wizard for creating your own ID badges. ID badges can include your company logo, images, barcodes, and a variety of built-in and custom fields. Individual badge templates can be configured for different types of visitors. For example, you could have one badge design for substitute teachers and another design for parent volunteers.

EasyLobby Administrator License
Each copy of EasyLobby SVM includes a copy of the EasyLobby Administrator, the central administration utility for EasyLobby. It can be installed on any workstation that has network access to the main SVM database and used for configuration and reporting. Additional licenses for EasyLobby Administrator are available.


System Requirements
Pentium IV processor or equivalent
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit)
Windows Server 2000, 2003 or 2008
SQL Server 2005, 2008
1GB RAM Available
100 MB of free hard disk space

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