Epson TM-C3400 SecurColor Ink Cartridge SJIC15P3

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Advanced printing technology

SecurColor SJIC15P3 features Epson’s patented MicroPiezo® inkjet technology, known worldwide for its quality and reliability. This ensures that SecurColor prints crisp, clear, easy-to-read graphics, bar codes and text every single time. In addition, SecurColor can print colorfast, waterproof labels without messy thermal transfer ribbons.

  • Single cartridge with 3 colors (CMY)
  • Specifically design for the Epson SecurColor TM-C3400 badge label printer

Epson SJIC15P3 replacement ink cartridges for the Epson TM-C3400 SecurColor badge label printer. Epson continues to work closely with industry-leading partners to ensure that the label media meets the stringent requirements of healthcare regulations and to ensure seamless integration of SecurColor with your hospital and healthcare systems.

MicroPiezo® Technology

MicroPiezo technology is the award-winning piezoelectric technology used in the printheads of every Epson inkjet printer. The piezo elements inside the printhead ensure precise control over the ink, which helps Epson printers achieve droplets as small as 1.5 picoliters (much finer than a human hair). These tiny droplets produce the unprecedented image quality, reliability and faster print speeds that Epson inkjet printers are known.


Label Printer Compatibility
Color Ink Cartridge for Epson SecurColor TM-C3400

Label Printer Color
Cyan, Magenta, & Yellow (CMY)

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