STOPWare E-EDU-1 PassagePoint Visitor Management Software (EDU)

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STOPware's PassagePoint E-EDU-1 v10 visitor management software (VMS) has been developed for the specific needs of K-12 schools and districts. Now visitors and others are easily signed in and given temporary badges to indicate their presence is authorized. Assuring the safety and security of students and staff by managing visitors, volunteers, temporary employees, parents and suppliers; and complying with district security standards and procedures.

With PassagePoint EDU, school staff can be sure they have accurate information on child custodial issues. Watch lists can be imported to provide on-screen warnings of those who should be denied access to school premises, or to notify staff of VIP visitors. Accurate reports on visitors, volunteers, students and others are now readily available to staff members using PassagePoint EDU.

  • Provide temporary badges to show visit is approved
  • Pre-print badges for groups or individuals
  • Scan driver licenses or other I.D. for easy data entry
  • Know who is on campus and what area they are authorized to visit
  • Include sexual predator info on Watch List
  • Customize screens for each type of staff user
  • Have vital custodial information available with one click
  • Get instant notification of a visitor who is on the watch list
  • Import information from other sources to avoid errors and time-consuming data entry

Improves Security

Print out Badges to identify approved visitors. Use the Watch List for denying entry or for identifying VIPs, you can even import sexual predator lists to make identifying those who shouldn't be allowed access even easier. With PassagePoint, you can also check photo IDs before releasing any children to adults, to make sure they are an approved guardian. For those staff members who happen to forget their ID, you can even print temporary badges. Especially if you're using Temp-badge self expiring badges, as they are fully compatible.

Easy to Use - Speedy Processing

With PassagePoint, data entry is quick and easy, you can scan a license and print a badge in under 20 seconds. Customizable screen profiles, make each user's experience personally tailored to their needs. The badging process is even quicker, when the visitor has been there in the past, as PassagePoint uses previous visit information to help filling out current forms. You can even pre-register a visitor or group of visitors and pre-print their badges to make everything run smoothly.

Flexibility and Reporting

Eliminate handwritten logs or badges used in school and district offices. PassagePoint makes valuable reports easy to access and print and allows you to import name lists and pre-print badges for school events.

Multiple Languages Available

PassagePoint EDU comes in English, French, German and Spanish.

Web Pre-Registration

Avoid making your receptionist the visitor management bottleneck. Pre-register volunteers, substitute teachers, vendors or any category of visitor, to eliminate the overhead of having receptionists manage schedules and data entry on the fly. On pre-registration, an E-Visit Pass e-mail can be sent to the visitor and host for instantaneous sign-in when the visitor arrives.

Access Control Integration

Integrate visitor management with your existing security systems. When a visitor signs in, PassagePoint EDU can register the visitor with your Access Control System (ACS) and activate their access rights. Use a barcode that is printed on the visitor badge to allow the visitor through secure ACS locations. If secure access cards are used at your site, PassagePoint Global can activate an unassigned card in the ACS upon sign-in. When the visitor signs out, the card and barcode will be automatically deactivated in your ACS by PassagePoint EDU.


System Requirements:

  • Intel Core Quad or equivalent
  • Windows 7, Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Windows Server 2008/R2, 2012
  • SQL Server 2005, 2008
  • 4GB RAM Available
  • 20 GB of free hard disk space

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